Balenciaga Sunglasses

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Today the role of sunglasses has grown beyond just protecting the eyes from the rays of the sun. Apart from fulfilling this function an accessory is a style statement and is assertive of the social status of the person. If people were not too choosy about the brand they wear, they would pick up any brand from the vast pool available in the market. But the point is, that people today are ultra-conscious about their choices.

Balenciaga, the brand is associated with the rich and famous and is a powerful tool to assert one's social status. It is a Spanish luxury brand that came into existence way back in 1914. Its founder Cristobal Balenciaga started his career as a designer at the tender age of 13. He has trained some of today's most renowned couture designers that include Givenchy and Ungaro. Christian Dior the famous designer hailed him as "The Master of us all". Such is the talent of the founder, which has made this brand a global success.

The famous designer brand introduced its range of accessories in 1997. The range includes handbags, belts, sunglasses and eyeglasses amongst others. The sunglasses by the well-renowned brand are stylish and comfortable. The designer brand is reliable as it makes use of the finest materials and top-class technology.

Balenciaga sunglasses are a favorite with the celebrities and this has made them popular and is wanted by all females. The women are extra-conscious about their looks and are very careful while choosing their accessories. Accessories add brightness to an ensemble, provided these are chosen properly. Keeping this in mind Balenciaga came out with sunglasses in multitude of colors, styles, designs, shapes and sizes. From classy to funky, retro-styled to over-size, aviators to wayfarers, there is everything one may ask for.

The most popular sunglasses among the Balenciaga range are 0003/N/S. This pair is made of fine-quality plastic and is available in 5 variants; one can choose what suits them the most. It combines details of both the modern and vintage Balenciaga collections. Another popular pair is 0029/S. Whatever model you may choose the brand offers top-class vision quality and unique styles which are definitely going to make a difference to your personality.

Since the sunglasses are made of the finest quality materials, Balenciaga is undoubtedly a tad more priced than the others. But they are worth the investment as they are durable and comfortable. So, if you are one of the conscious females who like experimenting with their looks with a hint of class, a cool and sassy pair of Balenciaga sunglasses are the best and safest bet.