7 EasyTips on How to Take Care of Your Eyeglasses

Having a hard time maintaining your eyeglasses? Well, eyeglasses are intended to improve your vision. If they are dirty, you are better off without them. And that is why you are always advised to keep them clean and in good condition so that they can serve you for a long time. But how do you deal with the everyday fingerprints, smudges, and smears that will get there no matter how hard you try? How do you prevent them from breaking before you buy another?

This post will share with you some seven tips on how to take care of your eyeglasses.

  1. Buy a microfiber optical cleaning cloth

Besides your eyeglasses, you need a material that will help you keep them clean and nothing does this well than a microfiber optical cleaning cloth. You can find them in your local chemists, supermarkets or optometrists at lower prices. First, rinse your glasses using clean water. You can then use your cloth to rub the two sides of your lenses gently to remove all the smudges. Avoid your regular clothing, tissues or dirty microfiber cloth because they might have some dirt trapped inside that can scratch your eyeglasses.

  1. Always keep them inside a case when not using

Glasses are too delicate to be left on top of your tables, kitchen counter, couch or bed. One just needs to sit on it to break it. Besides, leaving them in an open place will attract dirt that might be hard to clean off. So, if you don’t have a case already, your optician will give you one for free. If you can’t get to your optician, buy one. Instead of cases that you must slide your glasses into, look for a case that opens and closes to avoid unnecessary scratches. Storing your glasses in their case will keep away particles that might compromise your view.

  1. Clean your hands before handling your eyeglasses

Glasses attract all forms of dirt easily, and the worst that can get onto them are the sticky or greasy ones from your sweaty hands. To avoid this, wash your hands thoroughly, just like what you do when you want to handle food to remove lotion, grime or dirt that could get onto your glasses. Use soap that is free from a lotion. Lastly, use a towel that is free of lint to clean and dry your hands.

  1. Use both your two hands to take them off

Many people are fond of taking their glasses using one hand which is never a good idea for someone who is trying to avoid dirt. As mentioned earlier, hands, especially the sweaty ones contain grease and all sorts of dirt that can easily get onto your glasses. When you take your eyeglasses using one hand, it is easy to touch the lenses directly which can add dirt to it. Also, using one hand will stretch the earpieces out making them loose. Using your two hands helps keep the earpieces of your eyeglasses in proper alignment.

  1. Avoid wearing your glasses on your head

Eyeglasses are intended to sit on your nose. Not your head as what you may have already seen with many people. Wearing your glasses on your head might ruin their shape with time. Just like taking them off using one hand, it will stretch the eyepiece as well as the bridge. It will also interfere with the screws that are holding the end piece making it easy for the parts to come out. So, if you feel like not wearing your glasses as advised, remove them and place them in their case. Doing that will help extend their life. What also extends your life is healthy living. If you haven’t yet, try OldSchoolNewBody reviews.

  1. Invest in a repair kit

Probably, you won’t find time to take your glasses to a repair shop every time the screws get loose or come out. If the screws come out, the earpieces will get loose and won’t hold the sides of your head as required, meaning; you won’t be able to wear them. To maintain your glasses in good condition for a long time, you will need to buy a repair kit. You can always buy one from eyeglass vendors, drug stores or optometrist’s offices.

  1. Clean them using Isopropyl alcohol

In addition to your microfiber optical cloth, you need a good cleaning solution, and nothing works well than Isopropyl alcohol. Unlike other cleaners, it removes dirt much faster and smoothly. After rinsing and drying your glasses, just add a drop of Isopropyl alcohol and rub gently using your microfiber cloth.

Additional tips

  • Don’t use hot water – Rinsing your glasses with hot water can damage the coating on them.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat or chemicals – Just like hot water, excessive heat from the dashboard of your car can damage the coating on your eyeglasses. Also, it can melt plastic frames.
  • Always remember to remove your glasses when you are trying to sleep or just resting – Doing this will help prevent accidents.

The bottom line

Your glasses are close to worthless if they are not clean. Also, because they are expensive, you might not like the fact that you have to buy them when they break. The fact is, if you have a persistent eye problem, you will be required to wear them at all times, whether you are driving, cooking, exercising or just taking a stroll around your neighborhood. The worst that can happen is, getting into your bag to reach your glasses only to find out that they are broken. So, avoid anything that can ruin your glasses and most importantly, use the tips above on how to take care of your eyeglasses.