Practical Yoga Tips for Glasses Wearers

So you want to join a yoga class but still wondering how it will work with your glasses on. Well, practicing yoga means setting yourself free from all the troubles around you, whether it is a disease, work stress or anything else that threatens your health. Before you join a yoga session, you should get rid of anything that might bring discomfort or distractions to improve your focus while practicing. Things such as tight clothing that will restrict your movement, loose hair that will cover your eyes while trying to perform your poses and more, should not be your problem.

As a yogi, freeing and making yourself comfortable for the session makes it possible for you to engage in an effective mindfulness free of distractions. If wearing glasses is one of your troubles, then you have two options, you can leave it behind while joining a yoga session or learn how to keep it on safely. I would suggest that instead of trying to weigh the pros and cons of wearing and leaving your glasses behind, you invest on eyeglasses instead of contact glasses.

Why eyeglasses?

  1. Vital for your eye health

Yoga encourages healthy living in many ways. As a yogi, you should be more concerned about the type of food that goes into your system and how to make your body stronger and flexible. As a glass wearer, you should also be more concerned about your eye health. You should have the right glasses to wear at all times. Reason being, choosing a wrong glass can worsen your problem. Depending on what you are used to, you can decide to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses. However, if you want to reduce the risks of making your problem worse, you will be better off choosing eyeglasses. Here are some reasons why.

  • Contact lenses will limit the oxygen flow to your eyes that can influence the blood vessels to block the cornea of your eyes resulting in a severe dry eye syndrome.
  • Wearing contact lenses more often may cause redness or infections. On the other hand wearing eyeglasses prevents you from touching your eyes reducing the risk of irritations.
  1. A tool of self-expression

Today’s yoga is more focused on an earthy style that improves creativity, flexibility, and self-expression. Eyeglasses will not only keep your eyes healthy but will also make you identifiable whether you are doing your yoga indoors or outdoors. If you are home practitioner, try online yoga: yoga for dummies. As a yogi, you can use your eyeglasses to express yourself in one way or another. Doing this is not different from using jewelry in meditation or hand-woven scarf for calmness and comfort.

  1. Works well during meditation

If you wear contact lenses to yoga sessions, you may experience some blurriness making it hard for you to meditate. Eyeglasses, on the other hand, can be used as a tool of meditation. When practicing yoga, you need to maintain a clear vision to keep some balance. However, in certain cases, you will need that blurred vision to help you focus from within. When that time comes, you will be required to remove your eyeglasses. You will then close your eyes to increase your focus. Doing this will work well during pranayama and asana.

Many yogis say that having eyeglasses on when practicing yoga may not be safe. Reason being, you can fall and break the glass on your face. Apparently, this is possible because, after some time in class, there will be some sweat on the floor that if you step on, you can trip and fall on your face. Also, if they are not fitted properly, your focus will be on how it feels on your face which might ruin your yoga sessions. While eyeglasses will help you in many cases, wearing them in the wrong way might make your yoga class less fun and unsafe.

If you want to continue wearing your eyeglasses without risking your life or distracting your focus, here are some few tips you should employ.

How to wear eyeglasses safely

  • Focus on features – Make sure that the eyeglasses you buy are fitted correctly and are light weight.
  • Manage your eyeglasses – If not kept or worn correctly, eyeglasses can just be injurious like other accessories such as rings, necklaces and more. So, wear them properly and keep them well when not in use.
  • Make use of breaks – More often if the class gets sweaty, you may need to take a calming pose to reduce the heat. Poses such as Child’s Pose allows you to relax, calm down and wipe the sweat off your face.

You are practicing yoga to improve your overall well-being. Your eyes are not exempted. What you must never forget is that keeping your eye healthy is not different from keeping your body healthy. To practice yoga safely, use these tips above all the time.