Diesel Sunglasses

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Diesel Sunglasses, the name that creates an adrenaline rush among men, is here again with six new killer designs. Here we go:

DIESEL ZINGRI: Though this is a unisex model but the double bridged, navigator shaped, full rimmed, regular metal made frame in shiny black and light gold shades is so masculine. The black shades create the suave corporate look. Men will love it.

DIESEL LOV-IS-ON: This unisex model is a nice variation of the eternal favorite design of men's sunglasses - Aviator. The red & black resting hooks with this double bridged, full rimmed, stainless steel and proportionate made frame suits the metro-sexual men perfectly. However, the other two available frames in yellowish brown and Ivory are cool also.

DIESEL AVE-SANI: This one is an innovative variation of DIESEL ZINGRI. The gradient shades are just the perfect ingredient to create a striking look. Men, be ready to be the cynosure in parties, office or any place wherever you will be donning this stunning pair.

DIESEL CHAKRA: This design is pure male. Every bit of this double bridged, full rimmed, metallic frame is masculine in appearance. The three shades, in which this model is available, are also male colors - gold, palladium and shiny black. This model is a sure bet to enhance your personality, Dude.

DIESEL COBRETTI: How can women be left behind when it is the matter of designer sunglasses. DIESEL COBRETTI is a nice, girly rectangular shaped, full rimmed, double bridged, metallic frame in two shades women will definitely fall in love with - Palladium Semi Matte and Shiny Light Gold. Donning this pair will surely make you the 'IT' girl in your fashion circuit.

DIESEL CARRY-ON: Though Aviator is a design for men but women also prefers to wear this classic. DIESEL CARRY-ON is the perfect women version of Aviator with shades in Gold Taupe, Shiny Light Brown and Shiny Ruthenium. The red & brown resting hook with leather made temple adds the feminine touch.

These models are poised to change the common belief that men are less fashion conscious than the fairer sex is. Wear it and the see effect yourself.