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DKNY is the brand name representing items made by Donna Karan New York. DKNY was developed by Donna Karan and her husband Stephan Weiss in 1984 with the production of a garments line for women of all ages. This line was rapidly expanded to cater for adult men, teens & babies & now includes a line of accessories incorporating beauty goods, furnishings and.

Donna spent her youth surrounded by aspects of the design trade. Her dad was a custom tailor and her mum a fashion model and sales representative for the fashion industry.

In her late teens Donna enrolled in New York's Parsons School of Design & by the age of twenty had started a career with Anne Klein. Klein was quick to recognise Donna's capabilities and after only 4 yrs at the Klein business, Donna had taken over from Anne Klein as the supervisor of the organisation.

Donna's very first variety of her own personal designer apparel was greeted with wild applause as well as a standing ovation. The retail industry reacted in a similar fashion propelling the DKNY label to a decade of phenomenal growth that resulted in the DKNY brand name turning into a 500 million dollar business enterprise within a few short years of its release.

The DKNY glasses range was introduced in the early 1990's and was promptly accepted as a leader in the fashion eye glasses range. DKNY eyeglasses are made by the Luxottica Group in Agorda, Italy. The Luxottica Group own and construct many brands of high quality sun glasses including Oakley, Arnette, Ray Ban and Dolce & Gabbana, so they are very well known for developing good quality glasses frames and lenses employing only the finest materials and to the highest standards.

DKNY eye wear are made working with only the highest grade components in a range of material types. DKNY metal framed eye glasses are manufactured in a variety of colors, are readily shaped into particular fashionable styles and are incredibly resilient to knocks and bumps. Having said that metallic frames are relatively heavy. DKNY has decreased the weight of their metallic frames by using light weight metals such as titanium & these new metal framed eyeglasses have proven very popular for the consumer who requires fashionable eyewear which have a fine frame line.

For the consumer seeking a heavier set frame, DKNY produces eye wear with polymer frames. They're also manufactured in a array of colours but may also incorporate multiple alternative colors in the one frame utilising swirling patterns or tortoiseshell effects. On top of that the colors are not just painted onto the surface but are constant through the entire frame reducing the prospect that the coloration may chip off exposing the underlying base color. DKNY polymer frames are usually made from zylonite, a material that is effortlessly moulded to form the intricate shapes required by DKNY but is extremely elastic & therefore unlikely to break or be misshapen.

Many DKNY frames are produced making use of a blend of both metal and polymer frames resulting in a unique look that is extremely popular among the fashion set.

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