Duco Night Vision Glasses Polarized Wrap Around Prescription Eyewear 8953Y

Duco Night Vision Glasses Polarized Wrap Around Prescription Eyewear 8953Y

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Manufacturer Description

Functional Glasses, DUCO is No.1-Slogan

Gentle Remind
The instruction about not suitable for driving at night or other low-light conditions for SUNGLASSES only, night vision glasses is for sure suitable for use at night or rainy day.
Night vision glasses cut about 10% to 20% glare from headlight depends on environment.
No such night vision glasses can block 100% glare of headlight because it is contrary to the theory of optics.
Transmittance demand of driving at night is not same as driving at day time.
If more glare are blocked the vision will be more dark, which is dangerous.
Just like gray color sunglasses can cut more glares but it will make the vision darken.
DUCO yellow night vision glasses will not only change light from white to yellow but also balance glare and vision, cut the glare and increase brightness.
It is surely better than naked eyes watching glare when drive in night.
It is also recommended to use for driving in rainy day or dusk.

How to measure your prescription frames for DUCO sunglasses:
1- Measure the widest part of your prescription frames left to right, this is the "width". Next measure the height of the lens with frame included.
2- Choose the DUCO frame (below) that is slightly larger in width and height than your frame measurements.

If your frame width is less than 5-3/8inches(13.8CM),height is less than 1-5/8inches(3.9CM), please buy common size.

If your frame width is longer than 5-3/8inch(13.8CM), shorter than 5-1/2inches(14.5CM);height is less than 1-5/8inches(3.9CM), please buy plus size.

If your frame width is longer than 5-1/2inches(14.5CM),OR height is larger than 1-5/8inches(3.9CM),please DON'T buy it.

Glasses X1, glasses case X1, glasses cloth X1,glasses bag X1.

Product Features

Finally! Polarized night vision driving glasses can be worn over existing prescription glasses with Fashion appeal and designer features. Please take a minute to check detail page.This polarized Night vision glasses specially designed for wearing over prescription eyewear, It easily wear over your regular glasses,Ensure driving safety on foggy or rainy days This DUCO night vision driving glasses fits over Extra Small,Small to Medium and Large size Rx glasses.See measuring instructions below or left image with measuring instructions for proper fit. The frame is made of TR90,it is extreme flexibility, durability and light weight make it the perfect material for performance eyewear.It can be bent to 90 degrees without broken and can float over water.(See image left) So it is much worth your money than other's Polycarbonate Frame which may be half of DUCO's price. DUCO Polarized Yellow lenses the yellow lens can reduce glare, add contrast to your vision and increase visual clarity when you drive at night,dusk or rainy day. Night vision glasses will balance the polarized and vision,which can cut the glare from headlight and increase brightness. Please refer to above pictures for lens difference and testing. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.Lifetime Breakage Warranty. It must worth your money,return and refund is applicable for any reason.Just have a try.

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